About this Blog

Physics and all of science is fun. This is a blog on interesting Physics in the media and so far really about DeflateGate.

About Myself

I have a Ph.D. in Physics from M.I.T, 1982.  I’ve co-authored a number of scientific papers, mostly in atomic physics, but it does include one in atmospheric physics, which is closely related to this particular topic.

I am probably more well known as a software entrepreneur, having started up a number of small software companies.

Although I went into start-up software companies after post-doc’ing at M.I.T. for a few years, I never lost, and still have a strong interest in science and understanding how things work.  When I see a problem, and not all the facts seem to add up to the solution at hand, I tend to work at it, and work it until a solution appears that might explain all the facts.

I can be reached at notbill.spencer AT gmail dot com.


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